Chrysotype notes

Transparency Films

Most of the processes which fall under the broad umbrella of Alternative Photography use a negative of some kind. One of these is a digital negative, produced by printing an inverted image onto acetate sheets and it is common practice to calibrate some form of curve, UV blocking colour and print density to one particular brand of sheet. The first one I used was Posiprint until it started to produce horizontal banding on my Epson P700. I was yet to discover the Epson Media Installer and since I could not find a way to adjust the platen gap I looked for different media and switched to PPD OHP Film.

Recently I have been working on a larger print and needed sheets of A3 film. PPD does not supply this size so I had to find another supplier. The ones I tried and the results are as follows:
Mad About Ink - this stuff hates pigment inks. After printing the sheet was left for over a week and was still tacky to the touch. The only good thing about it was that it cleared the stray hairs from the felt backing in my contact print frame.

Arista II - prints well but was still slightly sticky after 24 hours.

Posiprint - first attempts with this film caused the printer to report a "Paper Jam" and would not print. Two printer firmware updates later (now using version KH14MC) and this prints without any problems. In addition to this using the "Epson Media Installer" to increase the platen gap means that there is no longer an issue with banding. We have a winner.