Chrysotype notes

Awagami Gampi and Langton Prestige

As mentioned before I have been working with Awagami Gampi HM-5 and was thinking about using a spray to coat it. I attempted this using a cheap travel spray bottle from Boots (see here) and found that it worked, up to point. It is worth noting that I had to use three times my usual amount of sensitiser, the paper still wrinkled and when it was wet and there were run marks where the coating was too thick. I also tried using a brush (same as here) but this had the same problems with wrinkling.

What all of this comes down to is that Gampi is “naturally sized” but the sizing is irregular so the liquid soaks directly into some parts of the paper and stays on top in other areas. It then dries in a way which is not uniform.

I also mentioned before that I might try and decalcify Langton Prestige and try a print. Coating this paper is a delight and is worth persevering with for that alone. At 20% RH and decalcified the colours produced are a very deep blue through to a vibrant magenta so I still prefer Fabriano Artistico with its more muted colours but I might try another sheet of Langton and see how it comes out at 50% RH