Chrysotype notes


One of the downsides to using Fabriano Artistico is that it needs to be decalcified and a few sheets have shown drying marks, despite the process being no different, which also show in the final print. Due to this I have been trying to find a paper which is not buffered, 100% cotton, preferably Hot Press and has no whiteners or brighteners. Here are a few I have been trying lately with my results:

Fabriano Roma. Very heavily textured paper and needs more sensitiser than Roma. Produces deep, dark purples.

Magnani 1404 Portofino: The slight graininess of the image suggests that this paper is buffered. Not a bad paper but there’s a strange texture to the paper which suggests wallpaper.

Yupo: Not really paper and more like very thin plastic sheeting with the look of paper. This was really just to see if the sensitiser would dry onto the surface or would wash off as soon as it hit the developer. It didn’t but the result, not surprisingly given that it has no size, was very grey-blue monochromatic.

Langton Prestige: Needs less sensitiser than Artistico. Once more the slight graininess and longer exposure time suggested buffering and Daler-Rowney confirmed that this is the case. However, with some adjustments to the processing produced a very promising result so I will persevere with this paper.

Baohong Masters: Some papers, including this one, have a reaction with the sensitiser and it turns them yellow. Attempts to print an image with these papers give poor results so one to avoid.

Awagami Gampi HM-5: My son brought me two sheets of this back from his recent holiday in Japan. So far I’ve made four attempts to get a successful coating and failed every time. Coating glass or Yupo then rolling the paper onto it does not give an even coating. Fixing the paper down, using magnets, fails to make it wrinkle when the sensitiser touches it. I’m currently thinking of trying to use a spray to coat it.